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Small but Mighty
The Color Fuschia!
Check out the winning COLOR!
Lighting for Living

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Dont Forget Your Front Door!
Lighting for Living


Color Chat
Hard Window Products
My Introduction to Custom Window Treatments
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Small but Mighty

Small but Mighty Bedroom

If you're like most people, you probably have a guest bedroom in your home that is not only small, but must serve more than one purpose. It may double as a sewing room, an office or a perhaps a private retreat in which to relax.  If well decorated, a small bedroom can be inviting and cozy.

A sofa bed with a full size mattress is the most practical for a small bedroom.  Keep the center of the bedroom open so the bed can be pulled out unobstructed for convenient use.

The Color Fuschia!

The color fuchsia is a stylish pink that shares its name with a popular perennial of the same hue. Bright but sophisticated, this color is considered both warm and cool, making it perfect in many color pallets.It sits opposite green on the color wheel, which answers the question why fuschia pink and viridian green have gained popularity for home décor and fashion.

Fuchsia came into vogue in the twentieth century thanks to fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli. She introduced the fashion world to the color in 1937 with a collection that included a glamorous, bright pink dress and the launch of her perfume that came in fuchsia packaging and was named "Shocking!

Check out the winning COLOR!

2014 Color of the Year

plum, yummy
Exclusive Plum (SW 6263), a sophisticated violet, is Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year 2014.
The hue, a balance of cool blue and feisty red with a splash of gray, pairs well with a variety of styles to create color schemes suitable for any room.
“This dusky, filtered violet is refined without being stuffy, elegant yet easy, and layered with romantic potential.”
Jackie Jordan, Sherwin-Williams director of color marketing.

Exclusive Plum has an amazing quality and can be adapted for nearly any space, whether used as an accent or for an entire room.

Lighting for Living

Lighten Your Workload

A goodtask lampprovides clean, concentrated light for reading, paying bills, scrapbooking or any close-up work. Try one on your nightstand, your work surface or next to your favorite chair, and discover how a focused light source can improve your comfort and productivity.
For the brightest and purest light around, choose a lamp with energy-efficient halogen or LED bulbs. A lamp with adjustable height or a pivoting arm can suit a wider variety of tasks.

contemporary design

illuminate your space

Pendant lighting puts the focus where it belongs: on a gourmet meal and on your dinner companions.


Whats UP?

Is there a room in your home or office that desperately needs a new look or merely needs something special to make it come alive?  Well, just look UP!  Thats right, the ceiling offers many interesting overlooked possibilities.

airypaintcoloronwallsandceilingIs your room small? Would you like to make it appear more airy and larger?  You cover the walls and ceiling in the same  light color.

richceilingandwallcolorDo you desire a cozy, warm lookinstead? Try darker, more intense colors. 

Are you after a truly unique effect instead?

ANNOUNCEMENT! Check out a new system for Roman Shades

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Cordless ONE Controls in action
Cordless One Controls are offered on all Horizons roman shade.

Cordless ONE Control ... it's what you don't see!
 Cordless lift system available on all of our Roman shades including Natural Woven Shades, Fabric Roman Shades and Shades of Elegance™ Roman Shades.

Dont Forget Your Front Door!

That "Welcome" from your Front Door!

Did you know your front door talks about you to everyone who passes by? Whether you have a single family home or an apartment your front door is the first impression you have to offer a newcomer. So what are you doing about it?


frontdoorwhitewithflowerinurnsEven if you live in an apartment, you can have a painted urn in black, marigold yellow or ivy green, filled with a long lasting shrub surrounded by annuals of color spilling over the sides. Or even place one on either side of the door to help draw the eye to the front door and create a natural colorful frame.


I would like to chat about color today,
I am asked over and over again from frustrated clients about "color"?  How to use it, where to stop and start it, dispelling old myths about how dark ceilings will "bring them down", or that white ceilings are how to "raise it up"! In fact, color in itself has become our most plentiful and inexpensive decorating tool! What, for  example, can give a room the immediate lift of a budget coat of paint?
A few sofa pillows, new lamp shades, well placed arrangements - any of these  if chosen as part of a pre-planned color scheme can provide an immediate and refreshing change of pace!

Hard Window Products

sunshineJust a thought today as the weather is slowly warming up here in Va Beach getting ready for summer fun, welcoming the tourists who enjoy the oceanfront and all it has to offer.

The sun can be very damaging to our interiors, even the carpet industry is claiming now that indirect sunlight can be as damaging as direct sunlight. Remember the ozone layer we used to talk about?  As its disappearing, the UV factor is going up.

How best to control this in our homes?  When I am asked this question, as this area does experience a LOT of sunshine most of the time, several styles of window treatments, or window coverings come to mind and because there is so much to choose from, its really just a matter of personal choice, which look  you prefer.

My Introduction

Im creating a design blog that will help answer your questions regarding, custom window treatments, how to get started decorating your home, how to create that flow between adjoining rooms, how to redecorate your kitchen, how to redecorate your bath,  how to select paint colors for a whole house, anything you can add to the list will be considered!  I look forward to sharing these posts with you and hope you find them valuable to your decorating decisions.  I will share products news from Graber, Hunter Douglas, York, Fabricut Fabrics, Robert Allen Fabrics and more!